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  • Why Buy From Us

    When you are looking to buy used cars in Chesham, you have many options in the area. Used auto dealerships can feel commonplace in such a busy part of the country. However, at HMC, we believe that we provide the best all-around experience. Why, though? What makes us the best choice for you?

    We Listen to Your Requirements.

    One of our main attributes is our desire to listen to what you are after. We do not simply look to sell you the first car that we spot on the lot. Nor do we filter by the most expensive vehicle and work our way down the list. No, we focus on delivering a used car that suits your requirements.

    If you want a dealer who listens to you and takes your needs and budget seriously, look no further.

    Our Recommendations Come From Experience.

    We have focused heavily on ensuring that every team member at HMC comes with prior experience in the market. This means we have had rookies offering you suggestions on the best cars to buy. Instead, we ensure that you are given recommendations by someone with expertise.

    If you need insight into everything from maintenance to motor management, we have the experience in-house to assist.

    We Understand the Reality of Finance.

    Buying a used car often means you either lack the credit or the outright funds to buy a new one. It might also simply mean that you are an eagle-eyed deal hunter. Whatever the reason, you will find that our team does not push you. When you tell us your budget, we stick to those parameters when parlaying.

    We also ensure that we provide the fairest finance options so that you can always feel like you have support from a dealership you can trust.

    We Always Have New Vehicles on Offer.

    The car market moves faster than a Ferrari, so we make sure that we always stay up-to-date on the used car market in Chesham. This means that we always have new vehicles coming in to join our selection. If you are looking for a specific brand or vehicle model, we can offer the best variety of selections.

    If you are looking for a Chesham used car dealership that pays attention to the market, come and visit the team at HMC to see what we have in stock.

    Contactless Delivery and Social Distancing.

    At HMC, we know the world has changed – and we have changed with it. When looking for the best deal on used cars in Chesham, you want a company that takes your safety seriously in every way possible. Before and after COVID-19, we have kept the following policies in place:

    • Free delivery for all used cars in Chesham and Buckinghamshire up to 100 miles.
    • Virtual appointments for those who are unable or cannot travel to our dealership.
    • Contactless appointments with our dealership to discuss your used car needs.
    • Contactless purchases on all of our used carsIf you want to work with a used car dealership that takes your health concerns seriously, turn to HMC.

    Finding Our Chesham Dealership.

    At HMC, we are currently based in Chesham Buckinghamshire HP5 3AS. You can find our dealership near Amersham, close to M25 Junction 18 and A41 Chesham Junction A416. The closest train station is Chesham. If you need a hand in finding us, we can arrange pickup for you at the most convenient location. Simply tell us where you are arriving, and we can do everything to get you picked up and brought to our dealership.

    Whatever kind of used car you are looking for in the Buckinghamshire area, we will make sure you can get the best value for money and insight so you can always buy with complete confidence.

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